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Scott Thomas Lesser, cello instructor

Currently Serving Canton, MA & Needham, MA

Scott is the Cello Instructor for the Canton & Needham Public Schools in Massachusetts.  He also maintains a private studio in Canton.



Private Cello Instruction with an emphasis on:

* physical technique of playing with comfort and ease

* mind and body awareness and development

* emotional expression of music from self to others in performance


Private Cello Lessons:

* Length & Quantity

Choose between 30, 45 or 60 minute weekly lessons. Program length varies, between 26-32 lessons per school-year. Summers lessons are scheduled upon request and if available.

Recommendations: Young beginners should start with 30 minutes.  Beginners in Late Elementary can take 30 or 45 minute lessons. Middle-school age and older should take 45 or 60 minute lessons if possible in order to cover the breadth of material.

* Age & Experience

Lessons and teaching style are adjusted depending on the age of the student and the number of years studied.  Young beginners as early as age four can start privately. School lesson programs usually begin in Third Grade.  Adult students, beginner through advanced are also welcome (15% of the current studio are adults).

* Performance

Cello students are expected to perform solo repertoire at least once a year, including the Studio Recital at the end of the year.  Performing in school and other ensembles are encourage and supported by addressing their non-solo music in lessons as needed.

* Beginning Repertoire

See Lessons Repertoire page to view and purchase standard cello music books

* Advanced Repertoire

Standard cello repertoire by master composers are taught at the intermediate and advanced level. Music is either downloaded for free at or purchased from various music publishers & distributors. Music assigned at this point is catered to the individual.

* Technique

A substantial portion of each lesson focuses on the technique of cello playing and how our minds and bodies interact with the instrument.  The purpose is not just learning how to play well. An understanding on how the student can act by conscious choice and have awareness to make self-assessments will help them develop good habits and gain confidence not just in their cello playing.

* Music Theory, History, Composition

Music Theory is taught and built upon with each repertoire piece learned.  If needed, the I Can Read Music books (see above) are assigned for earlier readers.  Tidbits from music history are also taught relative to the music being learned.  Formal analysis of how each song is put together is taught to emphasize musical phrasing as well as aiding memorization. Composition is also encouraged when interest is shown.  Anything that will engage the student and help them learn how they learn and how to practice is emphasized.


* Learn more about the Private Lesson program for those living in the Needham area:

Needham Public Schools Performing Arts Department


* Learn more about the ENCORE Lesson program for those living in the Canton area:

Canton Public Schools Performing Arts Department

and select the link on the right about ENCORE Program information.


* Use the contact form at the bottom of this page for any further questions or inquiries about Scott's private studio or the public school programs.




Scott Thomas Lesser has taught private cello lessons in Massachusetts for seven years.  Scott has a Masters of Music (MM) and Graduate Performance Diploma (GPD) in Cello Performance from The Boston Conservatory (TBC) as well as a Bachelor's of Music (BM) in Cello Performance from Brigham Young University-Provo, UT (BYU School of Music).  His performance degrees included studies in String Pedagogy.

Besides his teaching studios, Scott is involved in the greater string education community as an active member of the American String Teachers Association (ASTA)'s Massachusetts Chapter (MA-ASTA).  He currently serves as Chair of the MA-ASTA Solo Competition.  He also has adjudicated for MMEA District auditions, judged seating auditions for private music schools and participated in outreach educational concerts and community engagement presentations and recitals.

While at TBC, Scott was an Instructor for a section of the String Fundamentals course, a Music History Teaching Assistant, and a Scale Tutor helping undergraduate cello majors complete their fundamentals requirement.  Previously Scott also taught privately in Utah and was a cello instructor for non-music majors at BYU.

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