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Scott Thomas Lesser

A finer product is achieved when the editor not only has professional software and equipment, but has been at the other end of the microphones and cameras in performance & studio himself.


Scott bridges the gap between editor and musician with his A/V technical skills and experience, combined with his musical ear and abilities to read, compose & arrange music.


Audio & Video Recording






Audio & Video Editing



Audio editing for beautiful & natural sound,

utilizing professional software and Scott's classically trained ears as a guide


Basic Audio Editing includes these processes:

* gain - adjustment of volume to appropriate listening levels

* equalization - balancing frequencies to match the natural sound of the source

* reverberation - subtle additions when needed to polish the sound and match the live acoustical environment

* file exportation and conversion - finalizing the edited audio and creating commonly used audio files including .MP3, .WAV, .AIFF, .AAC to use for online streaming, on-demand podcasting, audio CDs, or for high sound quality video for DVD, Bluray, websites, YouTube, etc.


Advanced Audio Editing may include these processes:

* noise and sound removal - using state-of-the-art software to remove undesired sound events including clicks, bangs, fan noise, coughs, sirens, cell phone rings, etc.

* multi-track post-production - for editing multi-tracked and multi-passed audio captured in a 3rd-party studio for editing at a more affordable rate than in-studio. Can include combining live audio with MIDI instrument tracks or sound effects for music production, audio commercials, jingles, audiobooks or podcasting.

* pitch correction - available for single voice or instrument tracks (not practical for live ensembles)

* mixing multiple takes - the "studio magic" of taking the best section of each take or pass and cross-fading between in order to create a seamless single audio file.

* mastering - putting the final touches of a single or compilation of audio files and ready for production, employing the processes used in Basic Audio Editing and more.


Video editing for the perfect fusion of music to video


Basic Video Editing includes these processes:

* Synchronization of Edited Audio to Video -

* Titles - Adding desired information to video

* Encoding - for DVD, Bluray, YouTube, websites









Services Under Construction,

Check Back Soon!

Services Under Construction,

Check Back Soon!

  • Martino Medieval Variations Suite

  • Hovhaness Yakamochi


  • 2014 MA-ASTA Solo Competition

  • Grand Prize Winner of 2014 MA-ASTA Solo Competition


  • Bach Prelude No. 2



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